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Mez Evans Music Photography & Design

Mez Evans Music Photography & Design

Mez Evans Music Photography & Design

Pieces of The Past

I had a head start into the world of music and entertainment coming from a very musical and theatrical family. As a child I would attend many of my mother's stage performances and recording studio sessions  (my mother being an opera singer) thinking that I myself was going to do this when I was older. I guess I have...aside from the opera (although I have been known to display my true operatic roots when performing from "Gilbert & Sullivan" and the like. (I find it difficult to resist the temptation of imitation sometimes...all in good fun of course!)


As kids, my brother and I starred in many impromptu musical recital performances. Most of my friends played sport on the weekends (normal stuff) while I sang "Alice in Wonderland" and "Consider Yourself At Home" for all the grown ups, where applause was always rather special after each item!

I learned the piano from an amazing lady - a great pianist and teacher who is very well known in the Dandenong musical scene. She gave me the basics in those four years which would later prove to be invaluable. I only wish I could have kept up the practice to become a great jazz pianist...Ce lest vie!

When I was about fourteen I taught myself to play the guitar which would become my instrument of choice for the next ten or so years.  I rarely left home without it.  I played it at Youth Group Camps,  Happening, YFC, Beach Missions, Gold Coast Camps, Church Concerts, USA Alive,  PDBC's Camp Sunshine, Texas Hoedowns (yeehaw), Weddings, Funerals, Carols by Candlelight, Retirement Villages, Nursing Homes, High Schools, Primary Schools, Childcare Centres, Hospitals...well you get the picture, and along with the guitar always came the voice of course. I've sung everywhere man...almost!

I learned to play the Soprano Saxophone in high school for a couple of terms in Year 11, which was apparently good enough to play with the GOOD NEWS BIG BAND in the early 80's. In 1980 friends and I formed a Gospel vocal ensemble called CHARIS. We were together for about five years and during that time we joined the GNBB  for many performances, spreading the Good a very Charismatic way!

In 1985/86 I lived in Texas...The Lone Star State - the land of J.R, LBJ, Armadillos, Bluebonnets, Chili, Longhorns, Mockingbirds, Pecans, Guadalupe Mountains, Dallas Cowboys, and of course Friendship. I gained a wealth of experience as I toured much of the USA performing. There were many musical highlights, performing in BOSTON NEW YORK AND LOS ANGELES, but one in particular was singing with The  PDBC 100 voice choir in the Fourth of July production of  LIBERTY, At The Hyatt Regency In DALLAS. It was a thrill beyond explanation. My time in North America shaped my voice, musicianship and musical appreciation in ways I never thought possible. I do miss the USA!


I recorded my first album while in the US called  JOY EXPLOSION which was an exciting venture. I hadn't been in a recording studio since 1976 when my mother recorded backing vocals for Aussie rock legend Jim Keays - so I was excited about my first recording!

When I returned Down Under in '86 with my muddled Aussie-Texan drawl, I felt a bit lost...and quite 'second-home sick' - but there was nothing like getting back into the 'Muso Swing' to help  keep my heart and soul content. Music, singing and entertaining was on a much bigger scale in the USA...I'd only just begun to scratch the surface of my love for music and what I wanted to achieve. I came home full of awesome ideas of  how to be involved, and I decided to put much of what I had learned in the USA about ensembles and choirs into practice. I auditioned some talented young singers in their late teens, who were eager to learn and be a part of a singing group, so SONLIGHT and SOUL REASON were created. My role was that of director/conductor which was new to me, but I found this to be one of my strengths...and I absolutely loved it. I later moved on to directing and choreographing musicals - OMG...LOVE IT!

I kept my involvement with ensembles and choirs through the years, but it was also time to step up (literally) to some bigger things with my solo career. After appearing on Channel 10's  "POT LUCK" in '87...and heeding the ever so encouraging words of entertainer ROLAND ROCCHICCIOLI "Mez...I think it's all there.  You need to just pound the pavement, flog your body, and hope that somebody gives you a job." Apart from feeling pretty amused by Roland's advice - it was fairly realistic. The 'BIZ' is tough! Back in the 80's & 90's getting work in the entertainment industry meant doing exactly what RR suggested -  the 'old fashioned way' (there was no youtube!) Pounding the pavement, flogging your body...and finding a good agent - all important!

Then there were the Theatre Restuarants like WITCHES IN BRITCHES & FRENCH KNICKERS such classic names really, but wickedly fun.

I performed at Citizenship ceremonies...a very memorable one being with TV sports presenter  GEORGE DONIKIAN who was guest speaker. As I sang verses two, three and four to Advance Australia fair (who knew there were so many) I heard George from behind emit these quiet bursts of laughter. I wondered if he was laughing at me making up the words to  our National Anthem or that my dress had split ten inches up the seam. He later assured me  that he wasn't laughing at my wardrobe malfunction!

I began working in Television and appeared in some Aussie films. NEIGHBOURS, SKIRTS,  PHOENIX and FLYING DOCTORS were among the regular TV gigs including commercials for cars, airlines, health care, fashion, hand cream and telecommunications.

While keeping the TV work going and performing on every stage I possibly could, I also began working in primary schools coordinating  LIFE GAMES in association with LIFE BE IN IT for the kids...combining sporting and fun activities with music. This led to working in one of the schools as a private music tutor, and MEZ EVANS MUSIC was launched.

In 1990 I recorded a gospel album called  LOST IN YOUR LOVE. I travelled much of country Victoria over the next two years or so, singing and promoting the album...from Melbourne to Echuca to Warracknabeal to Bright to Colac to Inverloch to Portarlington to Geelong (not necessarily in that order.) Good times were had. Country folk are awesome!

In 1991 I met up with some wonderful musicians and singers who were looking to form a new gospel band...and SOUTHERN CROSS was born.  The few years with SOUTHERN CROSS  was another important stepping stone along the vocal trail of my singing life.

I had a bit of a performance hiatus is the late 90's...I needed to do something a little different, so I started a garden landscape and maintenance business called THE GARDEN GOSSIP. I still worked in music performance with Primary School kids and Pre School kids...but gardening, landscaping and building were fast becoming a passion. In 2013...after 15 years, I reluctantly closed my humble little business as aches and pains unfortunately were becoming all too consuming!

AMERICA WIDE is a stunning book of panoramic photographs by well known Australian photographer KEN DUNCAN. As I chatted to Ken at a signing back in 2001 about music, photography and life, he encouraged me  to follow my other passion of photography saying "The two go together beautifully" (photography & music.) Ken is a wonderfully talented artist, who continues to inspire through his photography and his love for creation.

I've always loved taking photographs.  The very first photo I took when I was 10 was of a cow, then a horse, then a dog, then a cat, then a flower - it was always going to be nature with me. Little wonder then that in 2003 I started a pet photography business called  PAWTRAITS"Never work with kids or animals" don't listen to these skeptics - it's an absolute joy! I've since renamed my business PETAL PAWSHHAS as my work is mainly photographing 'PETS n PETALS'  (animals & flowers.)

LOST IN YOUR LOVE - 20th Anniversary Edition  was compiled with two songs from JOY EXPLOSION added. It was so nice to be able to get this out there on CD with new packaging, as the original in 1990 was on cassette. 


My third album HAND PICKED FOR THE SOUL - A Rosey Journey, was released December 2011. This album is a journey through sight and sound. The music and images have been hand picked for the soul, eyes and ears. The vocals on the CD are wrapped in a warm blanket of cool jazz, while the instrumental soundtrack on the DVD surrounds the images of nature with alluring ambience. Included in this CD/DVD is a 24 page booklet which tells of the journey through words and photographs. 

To purchase a copy of HP4TS make sure you mention this page, and then submit your details in 

CONTACT MEZ for a $5 discount.


Love & Peace Always...Mez

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