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Writing 'Me Memoir' has been a journey of epic proportions. It has assisted greatly in the healing of my soul, and has given me a clearer understanding of who I am…and who I’m yet to become. My rollercoaster journey has been full of highs and lows, making me the person I am today. It’s my hope that this book might entertain, enlighten, inspire, inform and encourage all those who read it.

'Me Memoir' (the unofficial title) takes the reader on a journey through a life of  comedy and tragedy. Laughter, Performance, Creativity, Injustice, Trauma, Loss, Illness and Death are all entwined with the challenges of living with Bipolar Disorder. Family, The Church, Education, Equality and Mental Health all found their rightful place within this memoir - hoping to leave an impression that resonates with readers, that we are all deserving of love, acceptance, compassion, equality, respect and happiness.  


Broadway moments and tales of manic mayhem are humourous beyond belief at times, but the anxiety and grief of the past, the darkness of depression, the torment of intrusive thoughts and the fear and numbness of suicide - are all consuming of a person so gregarious...yet so private. 


Mindfulness is a great stepping stone towards enlightenment. To be present in a moment - acknowledging and accepting our thoughts and feelings for what they are...remembering that thoughts are not necessarily facts, can be very liberating. It is my wish that each reader arrives at a place of enlightenment and encouragement after following this journey. To be a person of love and compassion, acknowledging and accepting the differences that exist between us all, is certainly a better way to live.


If this book helps others to overcome fear, guilt, loneliness or anxiety...well, I've reached my goal. If it offers a sympathetic ear to those who suffer from chronic pain and debilitating physical challenges, then I've reached my goal. If it facilitates in helping families to confront the secrets and traumas of their past and to forgive the hurtful legacy left ...well then, I've reached my goal. If my book offers support and encouragement to any LGBTIQ person feeling alone and persecuted for who they are...I've reached my goal. If writing my memoir gives courage and hope to those living with mental illness, who feel misunderstood and stigmatized...well again, I've reached my goal. If my memoir has encouraged even one suicidal person not to take their life, but to seek help...I have surely reached my goal. If my memoir makes the reader laugh and feel uplifted...then I have certainly reached my goal.

'Me Memoir' - Book Release details to follow.

Me Memoir

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