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Love is...

 The greatest thing in life is to love...and be loved.

Equality has always been something I've held quite sacred through the years. I was an advocate for fairness and equal opportunity even as a child, often seeking justice and freedom for my friends...and any lost, injured or mistreated animal who came my way. I guess I have been an advocate for the 'underdog'...for those who might be expected to lose their contests and conflicts in life. 


I have long believed that our differences make us more than individuals...they make us special.


Equality and Diversity is the legal obligation to protect each of us against discrimination. Prejudice and intolerance against a person's sex, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion, belief, race or age are more than likely based on fear. Fear of the unknown or of things we don't understand can be a dangerous catalyst for resentment, hostility, contempt and hatred. Diversity is wonderful, and Social Inclusion should be for Everyone! Equality affirms that each one of us is an important and valued member of society.  

Equality for those living with Mental Illness should go without saying...a no-brainer if you like, but sadly in this country this is not the case. According to the AMA (Jan, 2018) "Australia currently lacks a comprehendsive mental health ‘architecture’. There is no agreed national design or structure that facilitates prevention or proper care for people with mental illness. Mental health and psychiatric care are grossly underfunded when compared to physical health." 'Equally Well' is an initiative led by the National Mental Health Commission aiming to improve the quality of life of people living with mental illness by providing equal access to quality health care. Bring it on!

I'm passionate about increasing Mental Health Awareness and decreasing Mental Health Stigma...because it's personal. 

I'm also passionate about the importance of Marriage equality...because this too is personal.


Equality for the LGBTIQ community has finally happened. The majority of Austrlians voted 'Yes' to amending the Marriage Act 1961, and on December 8th 2017 Marriage was redefined as ‘A union of two people.’

Treating each person with grace, dignity, compassion, fairness and ultimately Love, paves the way to a harmonious existence for us all. There are the forces of nature which keep our universe alive...and then there is Love!


Love is Love... Love

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