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FOCAH is a Bipolar Disorder awareness group

It aims to promote mental health awareness - in particular bipolar disorder, and decrease any stigma surrounding it. I’m passionate - because it’s personal...I live with Bipolar disorder.

Decreasing the stigma associated with mental illness is my passionate challenge in the coming years. Increasing mental health awareness and raising funds for research and for those in need of help and support is certainly a priority. The importance of social inclusion for all people in society is paramount, and this is something we all can be a part of…in the here and now.

Those of you who are living with mental illness…you are not alone. Hold on to Courage and Hope as you continue your life’s journey. You are someone special!


To carers of those living will mental illness…God bless you! Hang in there, because your unconditional love and support is the lifeline so many of us need.

There are so many worthy causes we can all be involved in – giving our time, our money, our support, our love, our kindness to those in society who need it most. The sick, the poor, the outcast, the unloved…the unlovable – there is the need for human kindness and compassion all around us...towards all living creatures. We can change the world through kindness and compassion…who’d of thought! When Ellen encourages us each day to be kind to one another I feel motivated to heed her words, but I also feel a little sad that we need to be reminded of such goodwill toward others. Being kind and compassionate to those who are indeed likable is a much easier task than showing the same to those we don’t see in a favourable light…for whatever reason, but travelling down the challenging road of love and compassion often brings about a sweet and blessed outcome - for all involved.


Fear can stifle our clear thinking and actions where kindness and compassion are rarely evident. Dealing with our fears and phobias is crucial if we are to be a harmonious world. Stigma is derived from fear, so understanding why we fear things is so important to breaking down social barriers.


To Live in Love could well be our Greatest 

   Achievement     in Life


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