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About Me

About Me
As a Singer, Musician, Photographer, Designer, Author and life has taken me to some amazing places, physically, mentally and spiritually. My passionate spirit keeps me focused on the gorgeousness of life.
My loves are simple - I love my family and friends...and that includes my Furkids! I love animals with a passion. If I could rescue every animal from loneliness, homelessness, suffering and cruelty I would - in a heartbeat!
Those most vulnerable in our world are really those who don't have a voice.  The elderly, babies, children, animals...many of whom suffer at the hands of selfish humans who desire to harm.  Offering kindness, generosity, consideration and compassion to those whose voices are rarely heard is a gift that keeps giving. Being a voice for others who struggle to be heard is the sweetest charity. The more we give, the more we receive in blessings upon our own lives I believe.




My love for photography began at an early age. My first roll of film captured dogs, horses, cows, sheep and was always going to be nature, clearly!

I started a pet photography business in 2004 called 'Pawtraits' which provided many amusing and gorgeous animal stories along the way. I have since changed the name to 'Petal Pawshhas' (spoken with a New Jersey accent if you please) as I also specializes in floral photography...'Pets n Petals'TM  about sums it up! Examples of some of my floral and animal photography can be viewed in Photography Gallery.

Graphic design has always been one of my passions - and strengths I think. My designs are fairly diverse...involving websites, DVD slideshows, flyers, event tickets and posters, invitations and business cards. Some examples of my designs can also be viewed in Photography Gallery.



Words and music go together beautifully to create a song, but it is definitely the music that makes me feel! Music is the language of the heart that transports us to a magical place...far beyond the entanglement of words sometimes. It gives a voice to loneliness and companionship, fantasy and reality, love and fear, despair and hope...forever speaking the truth of what we feel.

To be fortunate enough to play a musical instrument, or several, is an amazing gift...and singing is a gift beyond my dreams for sure. 


I have been involved in music entertainment professionally for over 30 years, singing and performing my way to some incredible places, meeting many wonderful people and creating endless memories that are truly special. My musical and theatrical experience makes for a evening of classic cabaret. There have been many highlights through the years, some of which can be viewed in Life In Pictures.


Some of my other work includes choir and ensemble singing and conducting - and also producing, directing and choreographing musical productions.


I have loved being involved in the performing arts working with adult community groups, pre-school children and students of primary and secondary school age. Music, dance and drama have been an important trio in the benefits to the health and well-being of all those who have taken part. Sharing my musical knowledge and gifts with people of all ages has always been a special passion and delight for me.

Although I sing mainly Jazz and Broadway, I began singing Gospel music from a very young will always hold a special place in my heart.

My very first album - Joy Explosion, was recorded while living in Texas in 1986, and my second album, Lost In Your Love was released in here in Melbourne in 1990. In 2011 I dared to take on all the creative and technical aspects of recording an album, including producing, photography, artwork, design, writing, recording and mixing. It was a wonderfully  creative journey and a huge learning curve, making 

Hand Picked for the Soul - A Rosey Journey an album I'm extremely proud of. Included in the CD/DVD package is  a 20 page booklet highlighting some of the 300 floral images that appear on the DVD. The DVD soundtrack contains 6 original instrumentals which really do enhance the slideshow, transporting you to a peaceful place where nature reveals her true beauty. Listen to the vocal tracks from HP4TS.




Writing a memoir is a journey of mammoth proportions, but for me, my memoir has been as much about the destination as the journey. To hear myself say the words "I've finished my book" is quite mind blowing...and a little surreal for sure. The thought of my being an 'author' is all of wonderful - and weird.
My memoir is a pilgrimage through mental the rollercoaster ride of highs and lows - with a merry-go-round of truth and lies, growth and destruction, equality and judgement...and just to complete the picture, my most memorable Jazz and Broadway moments. My hope is that this book might entertain, enlighten, inspire, inform and encourage all who reads it.
My memoir will be available soon - watch this space for details.

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